I'm Cristie, nice to meet you!

I'm a junior at Cornell University studying Information Science, Systems, and Technology, concentrating in Interactive Technologies and UX. Currently, I am the Co-Founder and Head of Design for a startup called Cumulus, an edtech platform that aims to empower underrepresented minorities in high school to explore opportunities in tech. I am also a product designer at Cornell Design and Tech Initiative, where I design web apps for the Cornell community. Last summer, I was a Product Design Intern for Grabbd, where I conducted user research, analyzed user feedback, and recommended high-fidelity design solutions.

My design journey began just last year, when I took a Pass/Fail introductory product design class on a whim. I didn't expect that I would enjoy design so much that I'd pursue a career in it, but for the first time in my life, I saw a clearer picture of what my career would look like— hundreds of colorful post-its on a whiteboard and numerous explorations on Figma.

Seeing how much I've changed as a designer since my first exposure to design, I can't wait to continue learning from my talented peers, colleagues, and mentors in my ongoing mission to design impactful human experiences.

Feel free to chat with me at or connect with me on LinkedIn!